Cava Brut Reserva, Rene Barbier 16.95Jansz Premium Cuvee NV 19.95

Moet et Chandon Brut NV 39.95

Syrah Rose, Vin De Pays D’Oc, Duboeuf,
France Fine floral flavours, soft and fruity 12.25

Mateus Rose Portugal 12.75

Vodka - 2.75
Whisky - 2.75
Bacardi - 2.75
Malibu - 2.75
Rum - 2.75
Gin - 2.75
Jack Daniels - 2.95
Southern Comfort 2.75
Martell Brandy 2.95

Testulat Blanc de Noirs
Champagne, NV, France 24.95

Moet et Chandon Brut Champagne, NV, France 31.95

Pic St. Pierre, Vin de Pays, France. An easy drinking wine, showing ripe red berry fruits with a hint of spice 11.50

Cabernet Sauvignon, Siete Soles, Chile. Ripe blackcurrant fruit with fine structure 12.00

Nero d'Avola/Sangiovese, Angelo. Sicily. Fresh, juicy red . Cherry aromas. 12.50

Merlot, Terre del Noce, Italy
Plummy, vibrant fruit, rounded and delicious 12.95

Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Runitersvlei. South Africa. Blackcurrants, berries, Christmas pudding with mocha and coffee 13.50

Shiraz, Bulletin Place, South Australia. Ripe red fruits and savoury wild herbs in a soft rounded wine 15.95

Merlot, Casa Lapostolle
. Chile. Well structured and juicy tannins 16.95

Rioja Crianza, Conde de Valdemar
, Spain. Vibrant mix of ripe, deeply flavoured smoky fruits and well integrated oak tannins 19.50

Chianti Superiore Santa Cristiana. Tuscany. A classic Chianti offering aromas of red cherry, red currant and smoke 19.75

Fleurie La Madone. France. Smooth, elegant and floral 19.95

Cobra - pint 3.
Cobra - half 2.25
Cobra - 660ml
Kingfisher - 660ml
Kingfisher - 330ml 2.45
Tiger (Singapore)
Tiger 330ml 2.

Pic St Pierre, Vin de Pays, France. A fresh dry white wine with soft and attractive fruit 175ml glass 3.50 Bottle 11.50

Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Siete Soles, Chile. Intense fresh and pure aromas of grapefruit 12.00

Chardonnay, Finca La Colonia, Bodega Norton, Argentina. Brilliant gold wine with aromas of pineapple 12.50

Chenin Blanc, Kanu, South Africa. Attractive fruit salad nose and palate – delicious 13.25

Semillon/Chardonnay Whistling Duck. Australia. Rich tropical fruit flavours 14.00

Pinot Grigio, Terre del Noce, Italy. Fresh and fruity with a crisp, clean edge 13.50

Chardonnay The Long Paddock, Redbank. Australia. Aromas of lemon zest 15.50

Dry Reisling, Chateau Sainte Michelle. USA. A dry crisp refreshing style of Reisling. 15.95

Petit Chablis, Domaine Hamelin, Burgundy. Classic Chablis character from just outside the Chablis zone 19.95

Coke/Diet Coke - 1.75
Lemonade - 1.75
Bitter Lemon - 1.75
Tonic Water
- 1.75
Orange Juice - 1.75
Pineapple Juice - 1.75
Ginger Ale 1.75
Perrier Water
- small bottle 1.75
Still Water - small bottle 1.75
Lassi - Sweet/Sour - yoghurt drink - 2.95

Tia Maria 2.95
Cointreau 2.95
Baileys 2.95
Drambuie 2.95
Sambuca 2.95
Grand Marnier 2.95
Martini Dry/Rose 2.25
Cinzano 2.25
Campari 2.25